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Path (Alpha Centauri)


Loley Line Drawing_edited.jpg

35°13'04.3"N 111°38'55.7"W

Days of wobble and flux

How many autumns are left?


From the herbarium of empire

I select oats, dates, coffee


Thirsty for spring

The image of the Mountain in my mind

The image of the Mountain in my mind is iconic

and reinforces the actual site/sight of the Mountain


It’s out there

An almost perfect set of triangles 

arranged next to one another as a triptych


In my mind, the image is etched like 

psychedelic colors seen

against pressed-in closed eyes



I am


Strata over strata

Gambel Oak, ponderosa, 

lichen on basalt rock (or some such former magma fluff)

The path through the woods

Scrubgrass, mud in autumn, mud in early spring.

Then, it was Alpha Centauri 

mixed with birds, my footsteps, my dog’s collar clacking

All times are this time

If you get a chance to come back 

What happens?


This is the path through the woods

Now, all I see is evidence of dogs

Birds chirping

Unnatural blue smashed into 

the ground

--jay feathers scattered about


The image of the Mountain

Luminescent after snow

Glows in my mind

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Writer, musician, and teacher ROB WALLACE holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara. His recordings can be found on the pfMentum, Ambiances Magnétiques, and Nonessential record labels. He is the author of Improvisation and the Making of American Literary Modernism (Bloomsbury) and co-editor (with Ajay Heble) of People Get Ready: The Future of Jazz is Now! (Duke). He is an Associate Teaching Professor at the Honors College of Northern Arizona University, where he teaches courses on poetry, improvisation, popular and “world” musics, global studies, comic books, and intermedia arts, as well as leading an experimental/improvised music ensemble. He is a part of many ensemble projects including Summit Dub Squad, F-Town Sound, Wall of Skulls, Reference Sine, and the NAU Faculty Jazz Combo, and is the co-curator of the Interference Series. Wallace has collaborated with a wide variety of musicians from around the globe.


This is a path through the woods that I frequently walked my dog on as a teenager. I used to live in this neighborhood, and there were fewer houses and more trees when I was a kid. I also used listen to music on my walkman as I took the dog down the trail. The music blended with "natural" sounds and has remained in my memory for years. "Alpha Centauri" was a Tangerine Dream album that blew my mind back then, and still does.

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