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Ask Only Certain Daughters


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34°18'48.3"N 110°52'32.4"W

Yours is a father whose children live 

         in other countries, he sends them 

short stories where horses die 

         on every page, lowers them 

facing east for the 

         second coming. 


You know about undertows in lakes 

         that don’t exist from stories 

grandma told and 

         forgets and 



You predict what the next monster will

          be, you keep avoiding the 

story of that thing 

          between your 


You think of how it won’t

         learn to carry itself,

uneven luster


toward your thighs and it looks

        at you ragged and mouths

carry, and you can’t

          resist that fruitless


that final utterance slips

beneath your


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CYMELLE LEAH EDWARDS (she/her) is a Pushcart Prize-nominated writer from Casa Grande, AZ and the author of Coordinates [chapbook]. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University. Her work has been published in Hayden's Ferry Review, Sonora Review, and selected for translation by The Thousand Languages Project. She currently teaches at Butler University and works in media production in Indianapolis.


"All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was. Writers are like that: remembering where we were, that valley we ran through, what the banks were like, the light that was there and the route back to our original place. It is emotional memory--what the nerves and the skin remember as well as how it appeared." —Toni Morrison

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