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@ Sawmill Multicultural Art and Nature County Park





Just last year the Coconino County Parks and Recreation partnered with The Literacy Center of Flagstaff to honor one of their own, local author and professor at Northern Arizona University, Monica Brown, by displaying her children's book “Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match/no combina” in a Storybook Path at Sawmill. Large versions of the book sit propped on pedestals along a park path, with both English and Spanish text to reflect Marisol McDonald and Monica Brown’s backgrounds.

Along with the representation of her work and the bilingual aspect of the installation, author Monica Brown was especially excited as to what the Storybook Path could bring for the children of Flagstaff.

“So many people have felt isolated during the pandemic, especially children. I love that the storybook path allows for a joyful outdoor storytelling experience for children in groups or with their parents or caregivers. Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match/no combina is very special to me, as it's semi-autobiographical, and it celebrates uniqueness and creativity and affirms the multiplicity of children's identities. I think of creativity as a form of play, so I am delighted that it is side by side a playground. Children can run around, hear a story, and have a beautiful experience hearing the story in English and Spanish.”



Stories aren’t just confined to the written word and literature is not just what is found in books. The Marisol McDonald Storybook path allows for communal enjoyment of the story for adults and children alike, strengthening the exciting community of literature in Northern Arizona.


In addition to celebrating the 10th anniversary of the publication of Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match Monica Brown has also published her thirtieth book for children, Small Room, Big Dreams: The Journey of Julián and Joaquin Castro. Brown has had many Storybook Paths installed in her honor but she is especially excited about the Storybook Path as it is the first featured in her hometown.


To experience the Storybook Path for yourself, go to 703 East Sawmill Road in Flagstaff and read it in English or Spanish or listen to an audiobook by scanning a QR code.

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