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Mourning Dawns


Loley Line Drawing_edited.jpg

36.718105546658265, -109.62368132024014

He sat in the corner of

a red house 

made of sandstone

the color of sunset, 

head bowed, 

on cooling red earth.

Crickets chirped between

cracked red clay, exposing 

sticks of tamarack.  

He imagined the sounds

giving voice to the silence of 

a jeremiad 

that entrapped 

his brother’s spirit, 

to always be 

felt in the wind 

howling through crevices 

in red monoliths that stand nearby

on the floor of a 

deserted desert.

REx Lee Jim - Rex Jim_edited.png

REX LEE JIM is of the Red House People, born for the Red Streak Running into Water People. His maternal grandfather is of the Towering House People and his paternal grandfather is of the Spanish People. He is from the small ranching and farming community of Rock Point, AZ, where he was born, raised and continues to live. He is an ordained Blessing Way Singer. He is the dean of Dine Studies and Education and Executive Director of Navajo Sovereignty Institute at Dine Colllege, Tsaile, AZ.


I grew up in Rock Point, AZ and continue to live there. That's where my family lives and we have a reciprocal, respectful interactive relationship with the place. This is my playground—where I learned to engage in language, ceremonies, and started school. It is where I was born and my umbilical chord is buried here.

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